Arrowhead Mountain African Nook

Creating this space for my client in Colorado required me to stay traditional while adding some modern elements.  The client still wanted a mountain feel yet did not love the traditional deep reds, browns and animal prints you would find in a traditional mountain home.  The client also has some amazing photographs taken from their recent trip to Africa that they wanted to feature.  I used those images as the anchor for the room.  I found ways to incorporate deer antlers to hit the animal touch while incorporating a grey blue couch based on the customers color preference.  I added a leather ottoman to create some textural differences.  It was important to have some color in the rug to really pull in some warmer colors.  The bench with the faux fur accent created a warmer texture in the space.  The accent table has beautiful carved woodwork on the front and the baskets underneath tie in the African touches to pay homage to their trip.  This nook is warm, cozy and has pulled in memories from a once in a lifetime inspirational trip.