Dual Purpose Room: Nursery/Guest Room

I have received a lot of inquiries about making a dual purpose room.  Many of my clients and friends still live in a city and need a way to use their space creatively.  A few tips!  I first ask the client about how the plan on using the room most.  I look at it from a percentage perspective and that helps me understand how I am going to divide and treat the space.  Then I measure, make note of light and windows, etc.  From there we decorate.  I choose things that are neutral or a little less obvious.  I also pick a lot of items that can be used two ways.  For example, ottomans can be turned into a luggage stand for guests.  Or end tables with drawers can be a space to put clothes.  Below is a nursery/guest room I am working on.  80% of the time it will be used as a nursery so I didn't want to take away from that feel but at the same time wanted to make sure if a guest is staying in there, it felt comfortable and grown up.  We decided on a crib with wheels so it can be rolled out when a guest comes to stay and went for some more mature accent furniture.  See below!


OB-Multi Purpose Room Ideas - nursery  guest room.jpg